CIA- Council of Indian Acupuncturists - Puducherry


    • To serve the humanity by improving the quality of healthy life through Acupuncture.
    • To promote the Acupuncture among the interested people to follow.
    • To strengthen the practice of Acupuncture.
    • To unite the Acupuncturists of India.
    • To offer proper guidelines and awareness to the younger generation, about Acupuncture and its holistic treatment.
    • To propagate basic health awareness among the uneducated women who is the backbone of a family and villagers.
    • To prove the merits of Acupuncture as preventive treatment.
    • To protect the careers and services of every member of CIA-Council of Indian Acupuncturists.
    • To Enrich the knowledge of Acupuncturists by sharing their experience and updating by conducting seminars, workshops.
    • To Enlightening the progress of Acupuncture in all fields like sports medicine, anesthesia, emergencies, first aid treatment.

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