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CIA- Council of Indian Acupuncturists is a council formed on 1999 by our respectable and the most eminent person Dr. C. A. Ravi. It was a great experience with tough efforts to achieve the council, which is, pleasant it's journey.

Dr. C.A. Ravi being a senior Acupuncturist threw his ideas for progress of Acupuncture practice in India. It was the period of unfamiliar thoughts about Acupuncture and the awareness didn’t create any difference in practice. Hurdles, disappointment, discouragement made a unhealthy situation, which then turned later as many people including western medical practitioners towards Acupuncture raising their eyebrows.

The Acupuncturists were in need to unite together and form a body. It was not only in legal aspect, but also to share or improve their experience and give proper awareness. This promoted ‘Acupuncture therapy’ a lot for the past few years. Why Acupuncture was chosen? It is because this therapy works under energy basis, which calms the mind and body, harmonizes the life and universe, it benefits humanitarian.

Basically it is a safe, economic and effective treatment in the hands of sensible Acupuncturists this has proven many historical events with miracles. Ultimately it sticks with nature, man and universe. Moreover it is an ancient art by our ancestors, the precious healing which has to be trained by at least a person in a family throughout the world. These were the ideas and aim of Dr. C.A. Ravi and Prof. Dr. Usha Ravi – secretary of CIA, who is leading the body for attaining the healthy humanity.

Acupuncture is the system established in many countries like USA, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, France, Srilanka, Singapore, UK and South Kenya. In India it was recognized on 31/12/2003.


We, the members to serve here.

    • Can practice Acupuncture all.
    • Can mingle over india.
    • Can participate in free medical Camps in various places.
    • Can participate in Seminars conducted by CIA.
    • Can participate in health programmes.
    • Can update the knowledge of Acupuncture.
    • Can do projects in Acupuncture clinical trials.

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